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The worst part
Realising I couldn't save you
Not strong enough
Don't let this break you
I can dream of flying, filling this void
With a nothingness that cannot be destroyed
A part of me now will always live there
Deep in the urban, I can't seem to care
That I'm broken again
You're lost inside
I looked for you, know where you planned to hide
Then hell broke loose, your own demise
Seemed certain, served here in front of my eyes
Summon the mischief, the solar flares
The mastermind
The one who dreamed, dared
We came for you
We prayed for you
But at the end of the day
Only you can save you
Only you can beat you
Only you can be you
If you should ever read this, hear my call
Don't cry, don't cry, stand strong, stand tall
One day you'll save me, I'll come back to you
Until that day comes, we have work to do
Far apart, but hearts beat together
The pulse as strong as the certain forever
It seems like I'm lost, but I'm finding myself
Just focus on you, if nothing else
If the tears are for me, I'll keep them safe here
Return them one day and take back your fear
Stay safe inside, don't let them win
The end for now, 'till you let me in
Say safe in your mind, don't let you win
This might be the end but I'll let you back in.
Another quick poem this morning

I genuinely have no idea where these things come from, I just let my fingers do the talking.
SolarFlareFire Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Student General Artist
I like the way you used repetition ^^ It made the narrating voice sound as if it is consoling, almost apologizing.
LeRachParade Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Student Writer
Thanks!! :D that was what I was aiming for so glad it worked~ :)
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December 24, 2012
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